Responsive Website Designing
Responsive Website Designing
Google has also decided this is the case, and is promoting sites that are mobile friendly in its search engine results pages on mobiles. But even if this were not the case, we would (and did) opt to design websites using responsive web design techniques for the simple reason that it is the most effective way to make sure your website is optimised for all devices being used. On a fundamental level, most desktop screens are orientated to landscape and most smartphones in portrait. Sure the phones get turned around, but having a site fixed in one position is clearly going to run into problems.
User Behaviour
The behaviour of people accessing the web changes depending on the type of device being used. For example, people using a desktop/laptop tend to have a longer concentration span and are more likely to be carrying out more in-depth research. People using a tablet are more likely to be multi-tasking and therefore have more limited attention. People using a smart phone are more likely to be on the move and could be in the process of travelling, walking, or even out with friends in a pub. These factors need to be taken into account when designing for tablet and mobile users and simplification is the key to this. A simplified design with larger buttons, less options and a focus on leading the user quickly and easily to the key areas is essential.
"Responsive web design is web design, done right"
If you’re reading this, there’s a one-in-three chance you’re on a tablet or smartphone. And because we do it right, you’re actually able to read this, not pinching and stretching your browser window to read the text or scrolling left and right to finish this sentence. The market share for mobile and tablets is set to take over from desktop browsers as the main source of website traffic, so ensuring your site is accessible to all is vital.

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